Monday, June 8, 2015

Final Questions

1 . I think I could improve on the rule of thirds and placement. I think my strengths are coming up with the ideas and the creativity portion of a photo project. I want to learn more about the complex parts of my camera. I only know the basics and could improve if I understood all the functions.

2. I think I have grown by learning to express myself without trying to follow what is currently popular in the photography world. I've learned to try new things and push myself to do projects that I wouldn't have thought I could achieve on my own.

3. My favorite project was the song lyrics interpretation. We were able to have freedom when picking the lyrics and how we wanted to perceive them. We were able to express our own style and creativity more than some of the other projects.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Photo Essay

One of the entrances to the Witch Castle is through Macleay Park. The parking lot leads right into the trail of Forest Park.

The Witch House was originally a public bathroom that was ripped apart after a storm. It acquired the legend of it being a witches house later on.
Forest Park was filled of abandon structures that mainly date back to the 1950s. 
I explored inside a tiny, dark room that has been known where photographers see orbs in their photos. Although, I did not see anything out of the order in my pictures.
As it is known for being a witch house, a large cartoon witch character has become a part of the historical building. 
The path was lined with small flowers and plants.
The brick building and its surroundings, has become a home for many insects and animals.

The entire building was made of stone and covered in moss.
The building is known to be the place to go in the summer to have parties. Also, ghost hunters often visit Forest Park because the entire forest is supposed to be haunted.
After spending about an hour exploring and take photos, we decided started to walk back to Macleay  Park.